Different types of classes:

  1. Intro - (tuition based) Intro classes are beginner level classes where students learn basic steps, songs, and history from the Polynesian islands. These are more traditional classes intended for students who wish to move up to our performance and competition level classes.

  2. Polynesian Dance Conditioning  - (class card, drop-in) PDC classes are high-energy and focus on building strength, stamina, and cardio. Our instructors fuse Polynesian movements with Jazz, Hip-hop, and Ballet for a full body workout. 



  1. Tuition = $60/month for 1 class (meets 4 times a month) other tuition plans available at www.halaumakana.com/blank

  2. Class card = $50 for a 5 class stamp card

  3. Drop-in = $15 to pay as you go

Introductory Classes:

- Combo Hula/’Ori (ages 5-8) Tuesdays 5PM-545PM

Keiki (kids) learn the basic steps, words, and songs of Hawai’i. Mild choreography.


- Combo Hula/’Ori (ages 9-12) Thursdays 5PM-545PM

Keiki (kids) learn the basic steps, words, and songs of Hawai’i. Mild choreography.


- Hula (ages 13+) Thursdays 6PM-645PM

Learn the basic steps of Hula and build strength and technique through light Hula conditioning. No choreography.


- ‘Ori Tahiti (ages 13+) Thursdays 7PM-745PM

Learn the basic steps of ‘Ori Tahiti and build strength and technique through conditioning. No choreography.


Polynesian Dance Conditioning Classes:

PDC classes are extremely fun and high-energy classes intended to build strength and cardio. Movements shared in class are Polynesian based fused with jazz, hip-hop, and zumba. These classes are taught by award-winning dancers.

- PDC w/ Makana (all ages / all skill levels welcome)

Fridays 10AM-11AM

Sundays 10AM-11AM


- PDC w/ Dorothy + Guest Teachers (ages 13+ / all skill levels welcome)

Saturdays 10AM-11:15AM


‘Ori Tahiti Solo Competition Training is geared towards those who want to fine tune their ‘Ori Tahiti technique, build their strength and stamina, and develop their stage presence. Class curriculum is focused around preparing dancers for competition, but open to whoever wants a good weekly ‘ori Tahiti workout.

- Solo Training/Conditioning (all ages, int/adv skill level)

Fridays 6PM-7PM

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