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Island Hawaiian Studios
Home of Hālau Makana

Island Hawaiian Studios, a place where the community can learn almost anything Polynesian—from music, to art, to dance. The Studio is a beautiful, light-filled space in Alameda. It is a place where our community gathers to share our mission of preserving the Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Maori cultures through dance, art and music, and to share these cultural art forms with anyone who has a desire to learn.


Hālau Makana is the only professional Polynesian Dance Company located in Alameda, California. 

Every year we perform in numerous festivals in Alameda and the Bay Area, as well as for many local events, including corporate functions, cultural festivals and competitions, private parties, and community gatherings. September 2017 was our debut at the Hawai'i Kūpuna Hula Festival in Kona, Hawai'i.

We are proud to say that our bi-annual Ho'ike (recitals) and Hula Holidays Christmas Shows have all been sold out events for many years.


Students in our classes learn traditional dance, choreography, music, history, language, costuming, arts & crafts from Hawai'i, Tahiti and New Zealand. Our dancers and musicians are always invited, but never obligated, to participate in performances.

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